Funko Pop Unboxing Grail or Fail?

            Funko Pop Mystery Boxes have become a very popular trend on youtube as of late. Brian and myself have taken an interest in them as well. On today’s episode of Next Level Collectors we delve into this wonderful San Diego Comic Con Mystery box sold by Big Apple Collectibles. We will provide some of the pro’s and cons’s of buying these types of mystery boxes. And feel free to watch the video to find out what we get!

            The Price of the box is 59.99 plus taxes and shipping, and they guarantee your value of 59.99 or more. Where there are a limited amount of grails that can be found in the boxes. You can receive anywhere from 1 to 6 Funko Pops. Overall this is not a bad deal for what you pay, many boxes will guarantee your value but will do so by providing extra’s that are pretty much useless (such as pins or T-Shirts). So for what you get this is a win.

            The downside of the guaranteed value is, it’s the guaranteed value of what the pops are worth right now (or at time of purchase) there’s never a guarantee that the box will remain at that value. However its with anything that you buy, value can rise or fall depending on trends in the market.

            Overall Quality of the packaging was great, The best part is you can be excited that you got the package because of the Tape that says big apple collectibles. So you know what it is (unless you order from there frequently). I cant say too much about the quality of the Pops inside the box as not to give away anything but it was great. Nothing was damaged so that’s always a plus.

            Overall the experience was pretty good and Brian was happy with what we ended up with. The quality was great and its always good to get your money’s worth in a box . Please watch the video and comment what you were hoping for us to get or provide your horror stories of mystery boxes you have opened!

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