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      IT started with Facebook Groups,. There i was on the hunt for Facebook groups to join to help spread the word of our site, and look for like minded people who wanted to help out. I joined a few groups, the first being a marvel legends collectors group. The second and third being some other comic book groups, which i do stay on top of but don’t participate in often. And finally i started getting feeds from a group i had accidentally joined, A group called Make Comic Book Collecting fun again. That’s where it all started for me.

    At the time i had joined there wasnt alot going on but i thought it was a great idea to join in on the conversations and good times. I was in search for the next segment on the youtube channel at the time, and  i had been hmm-ing and haa-ing about what to do and what was going to be the next big things that would make people want to tune in to the podcast. ( I have to apologize for the lack of content lately, as I am regaining my speed) So i decided id interview some like minded people, namely the guys that head up the make comic book collecting fun again. Some of you may or may not have seen it, so ill leave it here below

   Before i can explain to you in depth how great this group is, let me tell you about the experiences i had with a few other groups. 

  The first group id like to mention is the marvel legends collector group. This is a really great group, but sometimes they are a bit stringent on what they declare is acceptable for the group to discuss. You can also only list items that are the 6 inch marvel legends not 10 inch or 4 inch. (which in all honesty, seems a bit odd to me) Some people do often turn to other groups to show off the rest of the collection. 

When i asked the community to show me some cool legends poses, the post was welcomed with open arms. It was really cool to see some of the poses people can put the legends into. You can check out the album i made HERE, i will have to apologize i wasnt able to revisit the post to see who made some of them. but if i find it I will credit the correct poser. 

Overall I’ve had a great experience with a lot of the Facebook groups, and what can i say rules are rules. I did want to make mention of one group that i joined, was How To Draw, which i really hope you guys check out if your into art. a lot of great feedback and helpful people. The group is actively monitored for non-professional behavior. IF your an artist looking to grow, i would definitely check it out if you have the time. I contribute my artwork there on a daily basis, Which you will see a lot more of in upcoming videos and on my other site (coming soon) 

      Getting Back to the wire, The group Make Comic Book Collecting fun again, has been an experience worth looking forward to. I cant even manage my groups as well and engage everyone as well as these guys can.  It has been a great experience where community members create a comic book culture like we’ve never seen before. People are nice to each other, and supportive too! One member was having a bad day and we all rallied together and shared stuff we would think he’d like to make him feel better. There has been nothing more exhilarating since being apart of this group. If you are looking for a community that looks to help each other and like sharing your comic collecting stories, then check them out. 

    After i interviewed them while they were at a convention in Youngstown Ohio, I’ve grown to be a way more active member of the group. Especially after one post asking for artists who are willing to donate their talents. So of course i was interested! I was then put in a Facebook chat group where all the artists that were interested had also been brought into, Josh (One of the groups Admins) announced that they wanted artists to create a drawing that they could put into a coloring book for the kids in the hospitals in Flint MI.  Where Their water supply has become so contaminated with toxins that the hospital had opened a wing specifically to treat lead poisoning in children. ( you can read about the Flint MI situation Here)  So these coloring books will get printed and shipped to the hospital with crayons for the kids to color in the waiting rooms, hopefully making a little difference in their trips to the hospital. 

Here is the cover of the Coloring Book, Created by Artist Gary Ratliff. Spider-Ham watering Groot

   Overall this has been a really fun experience for me as an artist and a comic nerd. This is as close as i think i will get to being published as an artist in anything (I’m still hopeful though)  Anyways if you would like to buy one or a few, please head on over to to buy yourself a copy of the mini coloring book 1 and be on the lookout for the next coloring book!

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This is the artwork i contributed to the project, you can find it in page 5 title Pool-O’s

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