We all love comic books but sometimes they are a lot like stocks. They tend to catch fire fast…the key is to know when to sell. This usually occurs right when a movie is announced or when a movie is released. Figuring out the right timing could potentially double to quadruple your investment.

Hulk #180 First Appearance of Wolverine

This is the First time Wolverine saw a Comic Book Page. It has a cameo appearance on the last page. What makes this appearance so special is its a FULL PAGE!!! So while everyone is dropping thousands on #181 the smart are hoarding #180

Ultimate Fallout #4 the 1st Appearance of Miles Morales

This version of Spider Man is just what the Marvel Universe needed!!! Young and Fresh!!! What makes this book so special is the low print run and it was sold new in a poly bag which makes 9.8’s tricky to get. If there is ever a live action movie watch out because this $400 book will be $1000 in no time!!!

Caliber Presents #1 The 1st Appearance of the Crow

This has such a cult following to it. It was based on a true story. Jame’s O Barr the author his gf in real life was killed by a drunk driver which propelled him to make the character. Also while filming the original movie Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee who played the Crow died on set. A great actor that left us way to early RIP Brandon.

  These comics may be pricey, but in retrospect, these are some great investments to jump on right now. The value will only go up. Especially with the announcements of the crow movie and comics becoming more popular. The price of these comics can only increase in value as they are no longer available to buy but for resellers and ebay shops. 

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