By now I am sure that everyone has watched Avengers Endgame (If your a huge fan there is no way you haven’t. ) and now that today the spoilers ban is over, we thought we would share with you the latest from Funko Pop for the endgame series. I cant even explain how grateful i am that they waited to announce these Funko Pops, even though I’m sure they knew exactly what they were going to announce.
Without further ado, here they are:

Here We have Rescue From the movie, where Pepper Potts takes up the mantle of Rescue, with an astonishing reveal. THere was a teaser earlier in the movie where Tony Stark says to his daughter, Were you in the garage again ?” as she is wearing the Rescue Mask. “….thats okay mommy never wears anything i buy her anyways”

Probably one of the funniest moments in the movie, where they unveiled that Thor was a mess and had put on a beer gut. “how can we make an awesome chubby superhero?” I’m sure they asked themselves this at some point.

Here we have Thor wielding both of his hammers, Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. This will be an fye exclusive item. You will need it to keep your collection complete!

one Iconic movie scene after another in this movie really makes its stand against all the movies. Hulk wields the infinity gauntlet which was created by Tony as an Iron Man gauntlet.

There will also be a Walmart exclusive of hulk in different chrome colors. These will definitely be worth hunting for!

Hopefully we will be seeing way more Funko pops coming from Funko for endgame as there are a few more iconic moments they need to make Funko pops for! there is no doubt they will make an Iron man Funko Pop with him holding the infinity stones in his armor. Heck, just a statue of the glove would be sick! look forward to your next convention as this will more than likely be a comic con exclusive! Head to the link below to preorder some of these at Entertainment Earth!

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