Is The Comic Industry Dying?

Is The Comic Industry Dying?

Will the current market of Comic Books Crash again like it did in the 90’s?     Let’s take a look and see if things are indeed headed in that direction. Marvel and DC decided to bring back lenticular covers in 2018. This was a cry for help but always a great marketing strategy. If you can remember all the embossed, shiny dumb covers from the 90’s. This was about the time that Superman #75 took over newspapers across America. It was the Death of Superman. Still to this day my favorite Comic Book to read. The problem is people were paying over $100 for this book that they made over 6 million copies of!!! Once people bought into this book at the high prices later to find it was not even worth the paper it was printed on they left the comic book industry. What comic books have going for them now a days are HUGE Fan Expo’s. Where people come from all over to cosplay and meet there favorite artist. The print run on today’s comics are much much less then the 80’s and 90’s. There are readers, collectors, and investors. I don’t think the Comic Bubble will burst anytime soon but I have been wrong before. What I can tell you is collect what you love and you will never lose your money. 

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