Buying comics at the perfect time to make the most Money





      How often have you gone to ebay in a hurry to purchase a book after seeing  a top 10 list or seeing a movie trailer . The same book that if you would have bought a month prior would have saved you $50, $100, or even $200 on?

Do not wait!!!
      Collect what you love. Often times i will wait until the hype goes back to normal. Never EVER follow the pack it will usually lead you to an ugly road. Take for instance Venom vs Carnage #2 the 1st appearance of Toxin. When the Venom movie was at its peak this book raw was selling for $75.00+ now you can get that same book for under $50.00 if you look hard enough.

     There are many books out there that are about to catch heat. You just have to know when to strike. 

A Good Strategy?

     What I usually do is ask a number of people if they ever heard of a certain character. Depending on their answer this will sway me on whether to buy a comic. For instance, when the venom movie came out, only 5 out of 10 people knew how bad a$$ this character was. after people learned about him, it created alot more fans and it created alot more investors.  
So Do not wait HINT HINT Batman #609

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