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A Few of The Rarest Funko Pops

-If you have these funko Pop’s you can be swimming in cash right now Funko Pops have become a pop culture icon. They are noticeable by the square heads and beady eyes. Since their original release fnko pops have increased in demand ten-fold. Its easy to see why the originals are worth alot. Once a […]

Newsstand Comic Books; Should You Invest...

Newsstand VS Direct edition Well should you? Direct editions and Newsstands Editions have been around since the 1970’s. A direct edition comic book means it was only sold at your Local Comic Book Shop. Newsstand editions would be often sold at your grocery market or drug store. How do you determine which is which? you can […]

Avengers Endgame Funko Pop’s

Funko’s have become a hot commodity in today’s toy market. it comes to no surprise that the Funko’s on this weeks list are the endgame Funko pops. Below you will see a list of all the Funko’s that have been announced including the Thanos 10″ pop, which at the moment are all sold out! You […]

Is The Comic Industry Dying?

Is The Comic Industry Dying?

Will the current market of Comic Books Crash again like it did in the 90’s?     Let’s take a look and see if things are indeed headed in that direction. Marvel and DC decided to bring back lenticular covers in 2018. This was a cry for help but always a great marketing strategy. If […]

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