A Few of The Rarest Funko Pops

-If you have these funko Pop’s you can be swimming in cash right now

Funko Pops have become a pop culture icon. They are noticeable by the square heads and beady eyes. Since their original release fnko pops have increased in demand ten-fold. Its easy to see why the originals are worth alot. Once a funko pop becomes vaulted or retired, thats it. Similiar to what we see with disney movies. people will pay top dollar once they know they can no longer get them.

Vegeta Planet Arlia Toy Tokyo COmic-con Exclusive #10 – $1200

The major issue with this funko Pop is once it became so popular, copany’s began counterfeiting them, flooding the market with these, and thus dropping the price. however most ebay sellers now provide original receipt, and those are the ones worth purchasing

Funko Pop Game Of Thrones SDCC Ned Stark Headless Exclusive #02 – $5100.00


Freddy Funko Jaime Lannister BLOODY (018) 1/12 Authentic GoT Funko pop – $14,495.00

Golden Dumbo Funko POP # 50 FUNKO SDCC/FUNDAYS 2013 – $5,050.00


Stan Lee Super Hero Signed Funko Pop! – Comikaze Exclusive Red Chrome LE 12 pcs – $3300

Freddy Funko Pop Bumble 1/12 SDCC Glow in the Dark – $3500

As you can see, often times the freddy funko pops sell for the most money. These can go as high as $20,000. They will continue to sell these as limited edition to keep the prices and collectibility High. If you have any of these, dont sit on them, let them go, the prices will eventually drop. but over many years the price will go back up, so it could be a worthy investment

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One thought on “A Few of The Rarest Funko Pops

  1. there wer so many of those planet arlia funkos out there that were fake, it was almost hard to tell!

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