Newest Additions to the Spider-man Funko Family

Molten Man #474

Molten man Common funko pop, can be found at any of your local funko pop stores. We are all excited to see how they portray him!

Molten Man Gamestop Exclusive #474

Happy #472

This must be a big moment in Spider man as i haven't seen any trailers release with this moment in it yet, but this too is a common. I dont think this will be a huge sell so it may end up on the discount shelf's. It does look like happy will continue to serve his role where iron man can no longer.

Mysterio # 475

Mysterio is one of those bad guys that always fails in the comics, But im excited to see Jake Gyllenhaal Play him

Mysterio No Helmet- Hot topic exclusive #477

Hot topic exclusive gets its own number and has no helmet!

Mysterio Walmart Glow in the Dark Exclusive #473

Walmart exclusive has glow in the dark pyramids

Hydro Man #475

Hydro man is one of those comic characters that not everyone knows about but if you watched the animated series you'll know what comes later!

Hydro Man Barnes & Noble Exclusive #475

Barnes and noble exclusive glows in the dark in an ambiet way. Eyes and the twister glows to set it apart from the common. this one might be hard to find

Spiderman Normal Suit #468

Spiderman In his original suit

Spiderman Upgraded Suit #470

Spiderman apparently gets an upgrade at some point in the movie, perhaps after he gets the check from happy?

Spider man in Stealth Suit #476

We Have all seen this one in the trailer, an alternate from the Noir spiderman we saw in the spiderverse. Still kinda cool though.

MJ (mary Jane Watson) #471

This actually was a late addition but you can find her out in the wild, and on the hot topic website

These funko’s will help continue my huge selection of spiderman funko pop’s as i have a small wall dedicated to it at home. How about you? show off your collection in our forums! 


you can also order most of these from the funko store by following the link below 

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