Top 5 New Comics | 10-23-19

Top 5 New Comics For Oct 23th 2019

Welcome to The top 5 pick, A new Segment started last week where we will talk about Our top 5 comic releases every week. These comics are the hot and trending releases for October 23rd 2019.   At the bottom you can watch us talk about our favorites and why we chose them. This week, DC Comics makes somewhat of a comeback reeling in those key issues. Although, can you ever go wrong with batman and superman am I right? I think people will buy them just because, but read below to see what we have to say about it!

The links are live to buy the books, but you wont be able to buy them until Wednesday release day.

Note:If you see a key, it means its recognized by some as a key comic. You can reference the key collector app.

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Mary Jane #1

What It's About



    The web-head’s favorite redhead (and yours!) is taking a chance on her dreams. But if you’ve read ASM #25, you’ll know MYSTERIO is behind Mary Jane’s big shot, and someone worse is behind him! What’s real and what’s illusion, what’s illusion and what’s Hollywood phoniness?

   This fall, Leah Williams (AGE OF X-MEN: EXTREMISTS; GIANT MAN) and Carlos Gomez (UNCANNY X-MEN ANNUAL, Red Sonja) bring you all this intrigue plus more action, glamor, grit, and – we’ll say it – sass than anyone’s previously dared fit in five issues! Face it: you don’t wanna miss this

Why we Chose it

Not only is this the first series featuring mary Jane as a main character, but it also has a whole lineup of J Scott Cambell Exclusive Variant Covers. (you can see one on the left, One of my Favorites) It will be very interesting to see how people react to this series,a s most people are split about MJ as a suitable love for our friend Spidey. 

Me honestly, I Prefer Black cat….

  • Humberto Ramos

Variant Artist

  • Sabine Rich
  • Stanley Lau
  • Ashley Witter
  • Carlos Gomez
  • John roshell
  • Gerald Parel
  • J. Scott Cambell (pictured)
  • Shannon Maer
  • Anna Rudd 
  • Leah Williams
  • C.B. Cebulski (editor In chief)


What It's About

“Who are the Secret Six?” part three! Is Superman the newest member of the Batman Who Laughs’ Secret Six? It certainly looks that way, and Batman may be powerless to stop the Man of Steel and his own demented doppelgänger. The Dark Multiverse’s most dangerous Bruce Wayne is loose in our world, and he has our world’s greatest superhero at his side. Who do you turn to when there’s no one to trust?

Why We Chose It

As DC comics continues to transcend into darkness, the Heavy Metal/HE who laughs characters will continue to grow and expand as the characters seem to take over the universe, however this is a key comic due to it being the first appearance of the Superman Who Laughs. 

How many Evil Supermen can we have? 

  • David Marquez

Variant Artist

  • Paolo Pantalena
  • Joshua Williamson

The Immortal Hulk #25

What Its About


You’ve never read a Hulk comic like this before. You’ve never read a Marvel comic like this before. The heat death of our universe has come and gone. The Hulk is finally dead. Now, billions of years later, the Ninth Cosmos cowers…

…before the BREAKER OF WORLDS.

Why We Chose It

The Immortal Hulk Series has been one of the best mini series thats come out from Hulk in a very long time. Its great to see some solid writing and great art to go along with it. The series has become so popular, they had to release a director’s cut version of it. 


  • Alex Ross (cover)
  • German Garcia

Variant Artist

  • Joe Bennet
  • Andrea Sorrentino
  • Kris Anka
  • Gene Colan
  • Ed Mcguinness
  • Ron Lim
  • Rudy Nebres
  • Al Ewing

Editor In Chief

  • C.B.Cebulski

Batman Beyond #37

What its about

In the wake of his fateful showdown with False Face and the Splitt, the Batman of

tomorrow has gone missing! With the Caped Crusader AWOL and Neo-Gotham facing the threat of one of the deadliest villains it’s ever known, a new hero is needed! Bruce Wayne will turn to friends both old and new in order to keep his city safe, but that won’t be enough. Fortunately, a new and mysterious protector will arrive on the scene, taking flight to save the city!

Why we chose it

This will be a great continuation of the Batman Beyond series to include more characters and different characters. This will be the first appearance of Batwoman in the Beyond suit, which will be neat, The only drawback is its not very original. However, if they decide to start casting for such a movie with a female lead, this comic may be worth its grit. 

  • Sean Chen
  • Lee Weeks (cover Depicted)

Variant Artist

  • Francis Manupul
  • Dan Jurgens

Detective Comics #1014

What its about

Nora Fries has been the apple of Mr. Freeze’s eye for a long time. For years he has toiled and suffered to try and cure her of her ailments, and bring back the life they had together. He has finally done it, but will Nora Fries be the same person she was when she was frozen? Or is there something broken that can’t be fixed?

Why We chose it

We are Excited to see how this one turns out! BAtman’s greatest characters are its villains, and batman itself, MR freeze has a very interesting background, so it will be interesting to see if Mrs Freeze Changes him at all. We will have to see if this takes place after she had already came out previously and went all evil. hopefully not again.. Mr. Freeze needs a break from crime. Don’t ya think?

  • David Marquez

Variant Artist

  • Paolo Pantalena
  • Joshua Williamson

Special Mention

Marauders #1

What Its About


Even in this glorious new dawn, Mutantkind faces hardships and oppression from their human counterparts. Led by Captain Kate Pryde and funded by Emma Frost and the Hellfire Trading Company, Marauders Storm, Pyro, Bishop and Iceman sail the seas of the world to protect those hated and feared!

Why its the contender

An Interesting series, and for once Kitty Pryde takes the helm it seems as the leader. We have seen a few of these types of series come and die, so we arent very hopeful it will last. The comic does take place in the new World the PoX and HoX series has created.

(Powers of X and House of X)

That name though, Captain Kate Pryde? …

  • Russel Dauterman (cover)
  • Matteo Lolli

Variant Artist

  • Greg Land
  • Phillip Tan
  • Todd Nauck
  • Jonathan Hickman
  • Mark Bagley
  • Aaron Kuder
  • Gerry Dugan
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